Lightweight Tent Reviews

Lightweight camping tents are an essential item for any semi-serious backpacker. Their lighter weight allows for you to distribute the total weight you are carrying much easier. Despite their focus on portability and weight reduction, most lightweight camping tents will provide you with the protection that you need when backpacking. Click here to read more about our lightweight camping tent reviews.

Family Camping Tent Reviews

Family camping tents offer more protection, comfort, space and luxury than smaller backpacking tents. While they aren’t particularly well suited for intense hiking, family camping tents are more than suitable for relaxing getaways with friends and family. Click here to read more about our family camping tent reviews.

Outdoor Camping Hammocks

Camping swags and hammocks can be appealing alternatives to backpacking or camping tents in certain situations. Swags hold up far better than most tents in more extreme weather conditions, especially heavy winds. Hammocks on the other hand may be more appealing in more gentle conditions without threat of rain as few hammocks have waterproof covers. Click here to read more about our swag and hammock reviews.

Lynx 1-person tent by ALPS Mountaineering

The Lynx tent by ALPS Mountaineering is a breeze to setup. With a freestanding, two pole design, you can have this tent set up in minutes.

Weighing just under 4lbs this tent is a favorite of adventurers who favor a lightweight approach to their camping needs.

This tent is both comfortable and roomy for a single person and is one of the best sellers in the ALPS Mountaineering range.

ALPS Meramac 2-person tent. Great tent for a weekend get away with your partner

The Meramac 2-person tent by ALPS Mountaineering is a breeze to setup. This dome-style, freestanding tent comes with two doors and an amazing price tag. ALPS Mountaineering manufacture high quality and durable tents that are easy to setup.

Weighing just under 8lbs this tent is a favorite of adventurers who are after a 2-person tent that can be carried on short hiking trips.

This tent is both comfortable and roomy for two person with plenty of room to store your gear.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx great value for a 2-person tent

The 2-person Lynx tent by ALPS Mountaineering is freestanding tent. The freestanding, two pole design, allows you to set this tent up easily in a matter of minutes.

Weighing just under 6lbs this tent is is ideal for 2 people looking for a light tent for a weekend getaway. It is also suitable for 1 person who likes a little extra room in their tent.

The ALPS Mountaineering range of tents are well known for their quality and the 2-person Lynx tent does not disappoint.

Hyke & Byke Zion two person tent ideal for ultra lightweight backpacking

The Zion 2-person tent by Hyke & Byke is an ultra lightweight freestanding tent. This tent is easily set up in a matter of minutes.

Weighing around 5 1/2lbs this tent is is ideal for 2 people looking for a light tent for a weekend getaway. While this is a lightweight tent ideal for ultra lightweight backing and hiking it is a 3 season tent. This makes it an ideal addition to many hikers essential gear.

Hyke & Byke are well known for their quality equipment so you can buy with the peace of mind of getting quality camping gear.

River Coutnry Ultralight backpacking tent

This tent really does live up to its ultralight name, weighing only 2lbs 12 ounces.

River Country Products are designed for outdoor enthusiasts who love to hike, fish, camp, and go on all sorts of backpacking adventures.

Their products not only meet – but exceed – the expectations of fellow outdoor enthusiasts, and make life easier while they’re out and about.

How I Saved My Camping Trip – 5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Tent

Back when I first started looking at going on serious camping trips, I never really took into account just how important the specifications of my tent would end up being as I saw it as little more than a simple shelter for the nights. Luckily for me, before I went out and purchased a random tent that I didn’t know anything about, a friend of mine recommended that I have a bit more of a look at what I wanted to do on my camping trip and to then look for a tent that would match up with what I wanted to do. So I researched and looked at all variety of tents, even though I knew the model I wanted would likely be a two person tent, I ended up spending a great deal of time looking at the benefits and shortcomings of larger tents as well. By the time I had finished my research I had narrowed down my list of tents to three items, and eventually I decided on an ALPS Mountaineering tent since I noted that it offered superior protection from colder weather, something that I could well run into on my trip. All things considered, the time I put into doing this research and taking into consideration every aspect of my trip, I was able to find a tent that actually enhanced my camping trip.

To help you with your own research, I have included a list of five simple things that you can check easily that should help you to choose the correct tent for your own camping and hiking expeditions.

1 – Weight of the Tent

One of the most important considerations to take into account when choosing a new lightweight hiking tent, less so for family camping tents. During lighter hikes such as bush-walking or low difficulty trails, it may be preferable to choose a tent that weighs slightly more but offers more in the way of comfort and sturdier material. During heavier hikes however, weight is undoubtedly one of the most important factors in choosing the correct tent, ideally a two-person lightweight camping tent that is carried between two people should offer the greatest weight efficiency. Two of our favorite lightweight camping tents are the; ALPS Mountaineering Lynx (1-person tent) and the Coleman Sundome (2-person tent).


2 – Size of the Tent

The size of a new tent will largely determine how many people are able to fit inside it and how easy it will be to transport. For family camping trips, you will need a family camping tent, offering more comfort and sleeping space that can fit in the boot of a car might be perfect. During a lengthy hiking trip over a mountain range, comfort and spaciousness will have to be sacrificed for a compact and lightweight camping tent. For family camping tents, we recommend either the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent or the Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent

3 – How Much Protection the Tent Offers

Depending on where you plan on camping, the amount of protection from the elements that the tent provides should play a large role in your criteria when buying a new camping tent. Unfortunately, extra protection often comes at the expense of more weight or a larger, more bulky tent which can make it harder to transport. Whilst you can often rely on your sleeping bag to offer the majority of your protection, having a tent that keeps strong winds or chilly breezes outside can be a great asset.

4 – Durability of the Tent

Camping tents need to be durable, that much is a given and most models are. However, spending a little bit more when initially purchasing your camping tent can save you a lot of money down the track as you wont need to worry about repairs or maintenance for the tent as much as a less durable model. Finding a tent that offers such durability, often also comes at the expense of weight and portability, so finding a balance between the features you are looking for should depend on the location of your camp, whether you wish to stay at a home base or something akin to a hiking trip and how much comfort you want your tent to offer you.

5 – Additional Features

Often additional features do not play a large role in choosing a new camping tent as the other factors involved are easily more important than the luxuries of some extra features. That being said, lantern hooks, waterproof side pouches and other small features can add that extra bit of comfort to your camping trip.