ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent

Whether you prefer to go on a camping trip alone or with a companion, the Meramac 2-person camping tent from ALPS Mountaineering is a good option.

The dome-style, freestanding tent comes with two doors and an amazing price tag. Coming from ALPS Mountaineering, a known manufacturer of high quality and durable tents that are easy to setup, the Meramac 2 lives up to the reputation.

As the smallest in the Meramac series of large tents, the Meramac 2-person tent shares the same basic features of its bigger siblings. It has a fully freestanding build and a partial coverage fly.

Even with the fly added to the tent, it can still be rotated and moved around if you want to find the most ideal location in the camp. Because of the fly, the tent doesn’t come with vestibules.

Although it is billed as a 2-person tent, you can use it as a single-person tent. This way, you can have more space for your gear and equipment, if necessary. You can even put a low-height cot inside, instead of the usual camping pad.

Meramac 2-Person Tent Features

  • The tent is convenient and easy to set up.
  • It is designed to have 2 doors.
  • A bonus gear loft is included.
  • The tent is durable for its price.
  • You can count on the Meramac 2 to provide a reliable performance.
  • The tent is comes with an affordable price tag.

The 2-person tent has a dome structure that is typical of the Meramac series. It has 2 main poles, and a small brow pole to support the roof on top of the doors. The pole is inserted in 2 tiny pockets under the fly and fixed to the fly using a Velcro tab.

Meramac 2-Person Camping Tent Pros and Cons

Following is a brief summary of the Meramac 2 tent’s pros and cons. Hopefully, you can weigh both the product’s advantages versus the disadvantages and help you decide if it is the right camping tent for you.


  • The Meramac 2-Person Tent has decent waterproof rating.
  • When packed properly, the dimensions are small enough to transport easily on a bike or kayak.
  • A bonus gear loft is included in the package.
  • The tent is available at an affordable price.


  • The Meramac 2 uses fiberglass poles. While the material is decent enough, it is not the best material to use for poles. It is also heavy.
  • The tent has no vestibules.
  • Weighs 7.65lbs (too heavy for a backpacking trip)

Using the Meramac 2-Person Camping Tent

At 7.56 lbs., the Meramac 2 is not intended to be carried around on a backpack. However, when packed properly, it can be easily transported on a bike or even on a kayak. It has compact packing dimensions of 20” x 6.5”.

The tent is designed to comfortably accommodate 2 persons as it offers a total floor area of 38 ft2 or around 19 ft2 per person. Since there are no vestibules, there is more than sufficient space for 2 sleeping pads. However, if you are using the tent on your own, you can fit a low cot inside and sleep even more comfortably. The 48” height of the tent is good enough to accommodate a low cot.

While the tent can endure various types of weather conditions, it is best not to put it under harsh tests by using it in extreme weather conditions such as a storm or heavy rains and winds.

Although the tent comes with decent waterproof ratings, and all its seams are taped, the fly is not of the full-cover type. However, the design allows you to orient the tent in a way that the doors are away from the wind direction.

The tent is excellent for use in warm weather camping trips. Because it has a lot of mesh, it doesn’t keep the warmth in. This, however, makes it not a good choice for use in a cold environment.

You can find tent models that are fully enclosed and without mesh that you can use for cold weather camping trips.

Meramac 2-Person Camping Tent Materials

  • Poles
    The tent’s poles are made of fiberglass. While the material is decent, it is not the best material available. For one, it is heavy, and its durability is questionable.The tent has 3 poles – 2 main poles and a brow pole. Each pole is shock corded. The poles have an 8.5 mm diameter, with aluminum on all the joints. Mermac 2 has 8-inch steel stakes. Guy ropes are also included in the package.
  • Fabric
    The floor and fly are made of the same material – 75D 185T polyester that comes with 1500 mm coating.For the fly, the material is durable enough. However, when used for the floor, the material is just average, at best.
  • Waterproof rating
    The same can be said of the waterproof rating. It is sufficient for the fly, but a higher rating is preferable for the floor. However, the problem is only minor, considering the price of the tent. In addition, it can easily be addressed by simply adding a footprint or tarp, which may come with additional cost to you.
  • Fly
    The fly is equipped with 4 high and reinforced guy out points. This provides the tent with added stability to withstand stronger than usual winds. Each of the two doors comes with waterproof panels and mesh. This way, you enjoy both privacy and protection at the same time.No vents are installed on the fly. You really do not need them anyway. This is because of the brow pole that keeps the fly always up. This allows for good vertical air flow at all times.
  • Pockets and Door Zippers
    Extra-large zippers are installed in the tent doors – #8 to be more specific – to provide additional durability to the tent. Although the mesh storage pockets are rather small, you can use the included gear loft for your smaller and lighter items and equipment. This way, you can keep them safely above the ground. You can also use it to hold the light.

  • Ventilation
    If you are concerned about the tent’s ventilation, you shouldn’t be. The Meramac 2 has more than enough mesh areas both on the narrow sides, as well as on top. These are all amply covered by the fly. Bear in mind that the fly is necessary to give you the privacy you need from the narrow sides.The doors’ upper sections also come with mesh. This allows you to keep the doors open most of the time. The small brims underneath make it possible for you to leave the door open. This also ensures a good cross air flow at all times.

Tent Setup

Unless there is such a thing as an “instant tent,” you will not find a lot of comparable tent models on the market that are easier to setup. Everything is based on the ring and pin poles attached to the tent’s corners. You simply need to have the tent clipped to the structure. There are also no sleeves to worry about.


The ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Camping Tent has been on the market for many years now. The fact that it has remained popular is a testament to the product’s quality. While there are some flaws in the product, these are only minor, and its great price more than makes up for them.

To sum everything up, the tent has the all the basic features you would want for your occasional outdoor adventure. It has a simple and easy to use design. It has a compact packed size, and not too many tent models in its class can match its affordable price tag.