The 10 Best Budget Tents 2019

Enjoying the outdoors you will want a good quality tent. Your tent is your shelter and this means comfort and warmth. It has to protect you from the elements. But it has to be light, compact, and big enough for you and your belongings.However many campers need to manage their budget and therefore price becomes an important factor.

How do you choose a budget tent, and what are the best budget tents for 2019?

Depending on the size, material and purpose, tents can cost as little as $25 and or well into the $1000’s.

A cheaper tent doesn’t necessarily mean it’s low-quality. But, it’s reasonable to be wary about the cheapest tents available. There are some bargains.

This post lists the 10 best tents under the $100 range.


Our top picks for best budget tents 2019

RankImageNameFeaturesStarsCheck Price
#1ALPS Mountaineering Mystique tent, great value for the moneyALPS Mountaineering Mystique TentEasy set up
4lbs 6oz
Weatherproof tent fly
4.5 StarsGet your tent for the best price at Amazon
#2Chillbo Cabbins 2-person tent one of the best budgets tents availableChillbo Cabbins 2 person TentTrendy unique designs
Lifetime Guarantee
4.5 StarsGet your tent for the best price at Amazon
#3Coleman 4-person Sundome tent, a value budget tent for 4 peopleColeman Sundome 4-person TentSet up in 10 minutes
Made in USA
Spacious interior
4.4 StarsGet your tent for the best price at Amazon
#4Weanas Backpacking Tent represents a good value budget tentWeanas Professional Backpacking Tent3 season
Up to 4 person
4.3 StarsGet your tent for the best price at Amazon
#5Winterial Lightweight Bivy Tent, get the best price on AmazonWinterial Lightweight Bivy TentSet up in minutes
Ideal for camping or hiking
3lbs 9oz
3 season tent
4.1 StarsGet your tent for the best price at Amazon
#6Abco Tech pop up tent cabanaAbco Tech Pop Up CabanaEasy to use
Two mesh windows for breathability
1-2 people
4.3 Stars Get your tent for the best price at Amazon
#7Good value waterproof family tent Wnnideo Family Pop Up TentEasy set up in 1 minute
Large enough to sleep 4
Waterproof tent
4.3 StarsGet your tent for the best price at Amazon
#8Semoo 2-3 person Camping Tent available from AmazonSemoo 2-3 person Camping Tent5.8lbs
2 season
Dome tent
4.0 StarsGet your tent for the best price at Amazon
#9Yodo 2-person lightweight backpacking tentYodo Lightweight Backpacking Tent3.3lbs
2-way zippers
5 minute setup
3.8 Stars
#10Wakeman Outdorrs 2 person budget tent for campingWakeman Outdoors 2-person Tent3 season
Easy set up
Water resistant
3.3 starsGet your tent for the best price at Amazon

#1. ALPS Mountaineering Mystique Tent

The best budget tent under $100 for 2019

Top of our list of budget tents for 2019 is the Mystique tent from ALPS Mountaineering.

It’s been rated an average of a whooping 4.5 stars from more than 100 reviews, with at least 90% customer satisfaction. When on sale it comes in under $100, and it’s one of the best budget tents 2019 for good reason.

It’s lightweight at around 2 kg or 4lbs 6oz. This is a little heavy for ultra light backpacking, but certainly light enough for a moderate overnight hiking trip.

When packed, it measures around 5” by 18”. Erect the tent has 21 sq. ft. of space, and the vestibule provides another 9.5 sq. ft. of space. This means there is enough room for you and your gear.

Aluminum poles are light but sturdy, and the tent itself has plenty of weather protection features, making it a good choice for an all-around, one-person tent.

It’s marketed to be weatherproof and comes with a rain fly that covers the tent, and it’s possible to set it up in a way that the rain fly doesn’t touch the mesh. This helps keep out moisture from entering the tent. The rain fly that protects from the rain, winds and even UV radiation also provides a small vestibule beside each mesh door for storing camping gears.

The inside mesh makes for a breathable tent.  The tent itself is a bathtub type tent, so you won’t have to worry about flooding.

When correctly set up, it can withstand heavy rains and strong winds. The vestibule is not very spacious, and storing big camping gears inside the vestibule may present a problem.


  • Weatherproof rain fly
  • Lightweight 4lbs 6oz
  • Good ventilation
  • 3 season tent


  • Heavy 8.5lbs

  • Some issues with zippers

Get your tent at the best price at Amazon

#2. Chillbo Cabbins Camping Tent

Chillbo Cabbins 2-person tent one of the best budgets tents available

Don’t let the pretty colors fool you. This camping tent is actually one of the most popular camping tents under the $100 mark. And it’s not because of the great prints alone!

These are great looking tents with unique trendy colors that are proving very popular.

It’s a 2-person tent that can still comfortably fit a third person in. It has a 4.5 average star rating from about 100’s customers who have found this camping tent to their liking. You might want to get this tent for the reasons these customers got them as well.

It’s not as lightweight as the other camping tents in this list, coming in at a hefty 8.5lbs. 

The rain fly has a roll-up window, and it creates a wide space in front of the tent for muddy boots and camping gears. The sturdy rain fly will allow you to keep your doors open even during the rain because of this front porch-like space. The heavy poles will help the tent stand up to stronger winds.

As for the negative points, some customers have had issues with quality or, more specifically, with the zippers on this tent. Reviews are mixed regarding the tent itself, but the rain fly is definitely more consistent.


  • Stormproof 2 person tent

  • Trendy unique colors

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • Sheltered entry for muddy boots and gear


  • Heavy for backpacking
  • Rain resistance seems to deteriorate

Budget tents at the best price at Amazon

#3. Coleman Sundome 4-person Tent

Coleman 4-person Sundome tent, a value budget tent for 4 people

Coleman is one of the most popular manufacturers of camping tents in the world, producing quality tents at an affordable price. This list of the best budget tents 2019 could easily be dominated by this brand, but we’ll set the limit to only one tent from each brand.

The Sundome 4 camping tent has an average star rating of 4.4 out of more than 500 reviews, you could expect much more for this tent being a 4 person tent.

For the pros, customers found it easy to setup this tent. It can take less than 15 minutes if done by 1 person – tent, rain fly and all.

The carry bag it comes with contains all the stakes, poles and other accessories aside from the tent and the rain fly itself. It also comes with a door mat that could come in handy for keeping dirt out of the tent.

For the cons, the lack of footprint was probably the most prominent complaint, but it’s really understandable if you factor in the price. It doesn’t do very well in strong winds, but you can always just set it up in a more sheltered area.

Overall, it’s a great looking, breathable and easily accessible tent. It could fit 4 adults in, but it wouldn’t be as comfortable and you wouldn’t have space for your camping gears.


  • 4 person tent

  • Made in USA

  • Sturdy up to 35+ mph winds

  • Easy to set up


  • Limited 1 year warranty

  • Heavy 9.8lbs

Budget tents at the best price at Amazon

#4. Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent

Weanas Backpacking Tent represents a good value budget tent

The bright colors of this Weanas backpacking tent should help keep the heat of the sun out, but the tent does so much more than just that.

With this tent, you can enjoy a double-door, double-layer, weatherproof and multi-purpose tent. With an average rating of 4.3 stars, there are a few pros customers seem to have enjoyed.

The first of these pros is the weight. It weighs only about 2.2 kg. For a spacious 2-person tent, this is quite an achievement.

Moderate rains are no match for this tent, even if you keep the ventilation doors open. You can fit 2 people inside the tent, but you could lose space for your gears.

One customer was so happy that this tent by Weanas could actually last him 3 years of heavy use, and he was still preparing to use it for a year or more. He had used it in mountains, beaches and riverbanks. It’s even helped him withstand some snow.

However, there are a few cons too. For one, the floor is quite thin. This is possibly to keep it lightweight. You might want to bring your own footprint to protect you and the tent from rough grounds.


  • 2 person tent

  • Lightweight only 4.2lbs (2 person)

  • 2, 3, and 4 person sizes

  • 3 season


  • Flimsy material in the tent

  • Need a separate footprint to keep water out

A good quality budget tent in 2, 3, and 4 person sizes

#5. Winterial 1 person Bivy Tent

Winterial Lightweight Bivy Tent, get the best price on Amazon

This 3-season tent from Winterial is on this list for a lot of reasons: its price tag, its ease of assembly, its weight, and its overall quality.

It’s been rated 4.1 stars, with around 94% customer satisfaction rating. Among all the pros and cons the customers have found, here are some of the most noteworthy.

The package will come with all the ropes and stakes needed to properly setup the tent. It’s not a freestanding tent, so you might want to plan ahead and look at the conditions of your camping site.

The tent is really light, and it’s packed in a cylindrical shape that’s easy to carry or fit inside a gear bag. It’s also very easy to setup, even in windy conditions. You can use the tent for summer camping because of the ventilated roof, and you can just put on the rain fly for privacy.

This rain fly also makes it great in the rain. And all of these in a package that is a great bargain.

So, yes, it’s not a freestanding tent, and some people found the tent to be quite low, but overall, it’s a great tent that gives great protection from the rain, sun, wind and snow for the price.



  • Good quality

  • Lightweight only 3.8lbs

  • Easy set up

  • 3 season


  • Low roof height

A good quality budget tent in 2, 3, and 4 person sizes

#6. Abco Tech Instant Cabanna

Abco Tech pop up tent cabana

This portable tent is light and compact. You can get it for well under $100, and it has an 85% positive rating from satisfied customers.

It’s recommended for casual campers, and it can snugly fit 1 to 2 people inside. However, this tent’s main selling point is its ease of use.

When folded, the tent is almost a flat circle, making it easy to carry around. It weighs less than 4lbs, which is very light when you consider its size. To put it up, just open the zipper and it will instantly pop into place.

The tent has double doors for ease of access. It also has a layer of screen on the inside and a layer of nylon on the outside. You can roll up the nylon flaps for breathability, or roll it down for complete privacy. These materials will effectively keep dew and bugs out, but they definitely won’t keep you dry when it rains hard.

The tent also comes with stakes, which are perfect when you put up the tent in your backyard or anywhere with dense soil. The stakes don’t help much when you put the tent up in sand, though you might not need the stakes if there’s someone inside the tent. It will get carried by the wind if you don’t stake it properly, so be careful about leaving it without stakes.

In terms of comfort, the tent comes with a floor. If you’re planning to put a mattress inside it, the tent can hold a twin size mattress and nothing bigger.


  • 2 person (snug)

  • Lightweight under 4lbs

  • Easy set up

  • Easy access


  • Not ideal for hiking due to the way it folds up

  • Some quality issues

  • Only really suited to beach or very light camping

Budget tent for light camping or at the beach

#7. Wnnideo Instant Family Tent

A budget friendly family tent

This tent’s cost varies slightly depending on the colors and whether or not it comes with a tarp.

It can easily fit 4 adults inside, or around 6 teens or kids, so it’s a spacious budget tent.

The tent is tall and wide, and a full grown man can stand inside the tent without much difficulty. It comes with a small rain fly at the top, but the tent fabric itself is marketed to be waterproof and UV-resistant. The tarp can be used as a rain fly, as a door mat, or as a hammock.

The package doesn’t come with instructions, but still, most people managed to set it up and take it down with ease. It’s an instant setup tent that can be used freestanding or with stakes. Stakes are definitely needed in windy camping sites. Taking the tent down can take less than a minute once you get used to it.

You can easily fit a queen size air mattress in the middle of the tent, and you’d still have space on both sides of the mattress for your camping gears.

You wouldn’t want to trust “weatherproof” products as they are, especially when you’re going on a trip where rain and strong winds are inevitable. The tent has kept most customers dry, but a few tents have had leakages.


  • Family tent fits 4 (snugly)

  • Easy set up

  • Easy access

  • Good head height when set up


  • Not very waterproof

  • Some wind issues

  • Flimsy material

Reasonable quality for a budget family tent

#8. Semoo Camping Tent

Semoo 2-3 person Camping Tent available from Amazon

Spacious, lightweight and affordable – what more can you ask for?

This SEMOO camping tent has 32 sq. ft. of tent space, and weighs barely above 2 kg.

The rain fly and the tent floor are made of PU-coated polyester to keep moisture out of the tent. The fiberglass poles can withstand moderate winds while keeping the tent nice, and light and easy to carry. It’s not waterproof, just water-resistant, so don’t go using the tent in heavy rains.

It can snugly fit 3 adults inside, but 2 adults will be more comfortable. If the 3rd person was a child, it would definitely work. You could also fit in a twin or a full size air mattress, but not a queen size. The inside mesh helps keep the bugs away while keeping the tent breathable.

It’s a great summer tent that can fare well in light to moderate rains.


  • Spacious

  • Easy set up

  • Lightweight for its size

  • Good breathability


  • Not waterproof only water-resistant

  • Only suitable for warm weather

  • Flimsy material

Reasonable quality spacious budget friendly tent

#9. Yodo Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Yodo 2-person lightweight backpacking tent

This lightweight tent from Yodo weighs around 1.5 kg.

It can easily fit 2 people inside, and can even accommodate a full-size air mattress.

It comes in 3 fun colors – red, green or blue, and costs only $29.88. It has a 79% satisfaction rating from hikers, backpackers and even those who use them in their backyards.

It’s fairly easy to assemble. It has a double-layer front door – one made of mesh and the other of nylon fabric. The mesh screen keeps the bugs out while maintaining high breathability throughout the tent. The solid nylon fabric helps keep privacy. It also comes with a small rain fly made of PU-coated material.

But probably the best thing about this tent is that its manufacturers don’t make false promises. Unlike other manufacturers, the makers of this tent were honest enough to say that it is intended to be used in fair weather only, so don’t expect it to fare so well in strong winds and heavy rains.


  • 2 person

  • Easy set up

  • Lightweight around 3.3lbs

  • 3 fun colors


  • Fair weather only

  • Flimsy material

Budget lightweight fair weather tent for 2 people

#10. Wakeman Outdoors Camping Tent

Wakeman Outdoors 2 person budget tent for camping

With a discounted price, this tent is the cheapest one on this list. It’s also the lightest at just over 1 kg.

Over 1,000 reviews online have rated it 3.5 stars, which is still an acceptable rating.

It comes in three different colors – red, green and blue.
It’s a freestanding tent that doesn’t need stakes to keep its shape. The floor is bathtub type and waterproof, so with a nice tarp or rain fly you won’t need to worry about flooding the inside of the tent.

While marketed as a 2-person tent, it may not be able to fit 2 full-grown people. You can only put in a twin size air mattress, but you won’t be able to have a tent floor for you to set down your gears.

It definitely does the job as a camping tent, but you might want to have a few more safety measures when you’re out in the wild. Bring extra tarps for the floor and over the tent. The tent is so lightweight you wouldn’t mind carrying these few extras.


  • 2 person

  • Easy set up

  • Ultra lightweight around 2.2 lbs

  • 3 fun colors


  • Doesn’t come with a rain fly

  • Flimsy

Budget lightweight fair weather tent for 2 people


So, which of these 10 tents caught your eye?

This list of the best budget tents 2019 are some of the most reviewed, most relevant, and most recommended budget tents this year.

This list included the best single tents, 2-person tents, and family tents that you can buy for less than $100.