What Insiders Say About The Coleman Evanston Tent.


Coleman Evanston Dome Tent Review

The Coleman Evanston Dome Tent is a favorite among those who love the adventure of the outdoors.

Built for ultimate protection while still keeping your life simple and straightforward, this tent comes in various sizes, depending on how many people will be using it. You can find a 6-person tent or an 8-person tent online, both of which carry more or less the same features.

Before talking about these features however, let’s first talk about the technical features of this product.

It measures roughly 28′ by 10.2′ by 9 feet with an interior center that measures 5 foot and 8 inches in height.

The screened room measures 10′ by 5 feet and the overall product weighs around 20.9 pounds.

Coleman Evanston Dome Tent is ideal for those family getaways

Getaway for your next family vacation with the Evanston Dome tent from Coleman

Product Features Of the Coleman Evanston Dome Tent

6 or 8 Person Capacity

There are two sizes to the tent today – one capable of handling 6 people and another capable of handling 8 people. The 6-person tent is large enough to fit 2 queen-sized air beds, if you want to be more comfortable when camping in the outdoors.

Since the tent includes a floor, you shouldn’t have any problem with insects crawling their way inside. Make sure to flatten the ground first though so you don’t have to contend with lumps from the ground.

Coleman WeatherTec System

The WeatherTec System is specially built to guarantee protection against the weather. It offers a combination of features, each one contributing towards the common goal of shielding you from the rain or moist of the outdoors.

Even with rain, the welded floors as well as the inverted seams guarantee that the interior remains warm and dry.

Simple and easy to use family tent by Coleman

Quick Setup

The setup itself is quick and easy as users are given a comprehensive guide on how to get the tent up from zero. First-timer users are advised to practice pitching the tent upwards before actually going to their camping trip, therefore allowing you to note any missing parts if there are any.

Don’t worry though – the Coleman Evanston Dome Tent with Screen Room should contain every single thing you’ll need to get it up and ready for shelter.

It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to pitch the tent.


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Pros of the Evanston Dome Family Tent

  • Window Awnings
    The tent also comes with window awnings, allowing you to open up a portion of the tent to let the air in or the heat out – depending on your needs.

    The beauty here is that the awnings are still protected from the weather. This means that even if you keep them open, the interior of the tent will remain dry.

  • Standing Room
    It’s really quite impressive how the product has enough height for a user to stand in the center of it, thereby allowing you to stretch your legs. Of course, there are limitations to this benefit. The interior center measures 5 foot and 8 inches, which means that if you’re smaller than the maximum height, you can happily stand in the center without any problems.
  • Zipper Protection
    The product can be closed and opened using high quality zipper, giving you the privacy you need during night time. The zipper works both ways so you can use it as a safe enclosure for your food during day time, just in case some smart raccoons decide to raid your provisions.
  • Storage Pockets
    An excellent feature of this tent are the pockets sewn onto the sides of the interior walls. This helps keep all the important stuff within easy reach or those that you might need on a routine basis during camping. There are enough pockets inside to store a variety of products in numerous sizes.
  • Protected Seams
    The tent manages to protect users from the rain by inverting the seams inwards so that the stitch holes are kept hidden. This eliminates even the smallest possibility of water or moisture seeping through the tent.
  • Screen Rooms Available
    A portion of the tent is protected by a screen where you can take advantage of the light without worrying about mosquitoes and flies. This makes the space perfect for eating or for sleeping on a clear night when the temperature is a little warmer than usual.
  • Sturdy Structure
    The main frame of the tent is made of sturdy metal designed to withstand strong winds and rain. The frame itself is strong but light, allowing users to happily carry the item around through hours of trekking through the woods.
  • Carrying Bag
    The product also comes with a carrying bag, allowing you to easily bring every single item needed inside the bag. The bag itself is light and weatherproof so you can be sure that even if it rains during the trek, your tent will be pitched dry, sturdy, and ready for use.
  • Group Camping
    The tent is so large it’s perfect for group campers. If you love to camp together with friends, then this is the tent you want with you to make sure everyone has enough space for sleep.

    The Coleman Evanston Dome Tent with Screen Room is actually great for Boys Scouts or Girls Scouts camping in the outdoors as the large size and ease of use lends to the overall enjoyment of students. The tent is also good for family camping goals.

  • Easy to Bring Down
    Most tents talk about how easy it can be to pitch it upwards for use – but what about folding it down for the return journey?

    Fortunately, the Coleman Evanston Dome Tent with Screen Room is one of those products that’s easy to pitch up and then fold back down after your use. The setup is such that you can retrace your steps so that you can start to dismantle the item, frame by frame and pack them all inside the bag specifically for the item.


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This family tent is great value and durable, ideal for family camping trips

Product Cons

  • Morning Heat
    The fabric of the product is made from polyester taffeta, making it an excellent protection against the cold weather.

    During the day however, the taffeta doesn’t exactly work as a cooling agent but rather, traps the heat in so that the interior can be quite difficult. Of course, you’re not spending the day inside the tent so that shouldn’t be a problem.

  • 2-Person Job
    Pitching the tent upwards is a two-person job, mainly because of the sheer size of the tent.

    Of course, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing since the tent itself is capable of accommodating at least 6 people. Hence, if you’re using this tent – then there should at least be 2 of you in the camping site and sharing the tent. Simply put, there shouldn’t be any problem for you in putting the tent up for use.


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The Evanston Family Dome Tent Conclusion

To wrap it up, the Coleman Evanston Dome Tent with Screen Room makes for an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high-capacity tent that’s easy to set up and light to carry around with you.

The product also comes in different colors which allows you to pick the one that best suits your needs. Of course, color is just a superficial feature as the specifications of the Coleman Evanston Dome Tent with Screen Room are more important in the long run.

Pockets, seams, zipper enclosure, mesh windows, and large capacity – all these features when added together makes this product a no-brainer choice for camping fanatics.


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