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Review: The Coleman Instant Cabin

Camping out with family or friends takes a lot of preparation. Besides thinking of what to pack, you also need to think of how and where to set up camp.

The success of your camping trip depends on the functionality of your camping gear. You need to make sure all gear and equipment are enough to meet your family’s camping needs.

Coleman has always been known to produce camping reliable camping gear. This product review will take a closer look at one of Coleman’s best-selling camping tents — the Coleman Instant Cabin.

Quick and easy setup Instant Cabin 6-person tent

Coleman Instant Cabin Product Features

The Instant Cabin is more than just a tent that can shelter you when you sleep at night. It’s a spacious tent where grown-ups can hang out and children can play throughout the day. It’s even spacious enough to house other bulky gears like coolers, chairs, airbeds and cots.

It comes in three different sizes and capacity: 4-person, 6-person, and 8-person cabin. Various colors are also available. Other key features include the following:

  • Weather-proof material – The Instant Cabin is made of Coleman’s PolyGuard 2X double thick polyester fabric tech
  • Instant 60-second set up – It has pre-assembled and pre-attached poles that make setting up easy and quick
  • WeatherTec System – It also has Coleman’s patented welded floors with inverted seams that protect the interior against water and moisture
  • Roomy interior that provides space for standing
  • Vented rain fly that provides extra protection from the weather
  • Reflective guy lines for night-time visibility
  • 1 door and 4 windows with a ground vent to keep the interior cool and well-ventilated
  • Storage pockets for organizing other camping gear
  • Includes an expandable carry bag
  • Sizes and dimensions:
    • 4-person cabin: 8 x 7 feet (width) and 4 feet 11 inches (center height)
    • 6-person cabin: 10 x 9 feet (width) and 5 feet 11 inches (center height)
    • 8-person cabin: 14 x 8 feet (width) and 6 feet 4 inches (center height)
  • Product weight:
    • 4-person cabin: 9.8 pounds
    • 6-person cabin: 24.6 pounds
    • 8-person cabin: 37.7 pounds
  • Product Warranty: 1 year

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The Best Things About The Coleman Instant Cabin

There are several things to like about the Instant Cabin.

Aside from its marketed features and benefits, the Instant Cabin can bring you a lot more. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect in terms of material quality, convenience, protection and others.

Interior of the Coleman Instant Cabin 6-person Tent, plenty of room for your gear

Plenty of room to store gear in the Instant Cabin 6-person tent

Material Quality

The Coleman Instant cabin is made of strong but flexible polyester with PolyGuard 2X fabric tech. It is double in thickness but remains flexible so it doesn’t tear easily.

But this doesn’t mean the fabric is impenetrable. The material can still wear and tear through frequent use and exposure to outside elements. If something keeps scratching on the surface, it will eventually cut through, but not easily.

Ease of Set-Up

The Instant Cabin is marketed as a 60 Second Instant Set Up tent. To set it up, you just need to unfold, extend, and secure it. The 60-second mark is easily achievable by experts but the set up time may take a bit longer for others.

Beginners and older campers may fumble with the poles and stakes, so setting up can take more than a minute or two. This is especially true for the 6-person and 8-person cabin, which are bigger and heavier than the 4-person cabin.


It is a 3-season camping tent, so it can withstand heat and rain. The built-in rain fly does a good job at keeping rain water away. The WeatherTec system also keeps the floor dry by protecting the tent from ground moisture.

It is weather-proof but not completely water-proof. It can keep you dry and cozy throughout a passing storm, but it’s not suitable for such use. If it’s frequently rained on, water will eventually find its way inside the tent. Also, if the tent is not ventilated properly, condensation will accumulate and make the interior feel damp and cold.

It’s also important to note that it has no vestibule. If it keeps raining, water will get inside the tent when you open the door to go outside. So if you plan to go camping on a rainy weather, it’ll be best to bring along a tarp for extra rain protection.

Good Ventilation

The Instant Cabin has mesh door and windows that allow air to circulate through the tent.

Also, the rain fly awning is vented, so it can let air inside while keeping the rain out. When you use the Instant Cabin even under a rainy weather, you won’t feel deprived of cool air.


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Ample Space

The Instant cabin is truly spacious inside, but the actual capacity may vary widely. A 4-person cabin may be able to fit in 4 average-sized persons, but not 4 large or tall persons. For family camping trips, it can fit 2 adults and 2 children just right, with just enough space for other stuff. If you are going camping with large-sized people, you should opt for the bigger 6-person or 8-person cabins.

As for the tent height, the Instant Cabin can allow more vertical movements than a regular tent. An adult may be able to get up and stretch his legs in a 4-person cabin, but not in a standing position.

In a 6-person cabin, an average-height adult can stand completely and walk around inside the tent. For taller people (6 feet and above), the 8-person cabin would be the most ideal to use.


The Instant Cabin is easy to pack and unpack, but it can be quite heavy. It weighs heavier than a regular tent and is also bigger when packed. The pre-attached and pre-assembled poles are what make it heavier and bulkier.

It’s easy to bring along when packed in the car or trailer. But if you plan to go backpacking and traversing long, challenging trails by foot, it wouldn’t be the best choice.

Interior of the larger 8-person Instant Cabin tent

The Instant Cabin also comes in the Coleman Dark Room range

Coleman Dark Room 10-person tent


  • Made of durable yet lightweight materials

  • Easy to set up; just unfold, extend and secure.

  • Easy to pack and unpack

  • Roomy interior with space for standing and walking around

  • Excellent protection from heat and rain

  • Excellent ventilation


  • Heavier and bulkier than regular camping tents

  • Also pricier than regular camping tents

  • Has no vestibule

  • The ground stakes are quite thin


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Who Should Buy and Use the Coleman Instant Cabin tents?

The Coleman Instant Cabin would be the ideal camping tent for those who prefer space over portability.

It is perfect for people who like to go camping in groups and for those looking to bring their family to camping trips because it provides enough space for children and adults to hang out. It is also easy to set up so it’s great for last-minute camping trips.

On the other hand, if you plan to go on backpacking or camping under rainy weather, this tent may not be your best option. But you can always use extra protection if you choose to stick with the Instant Cabin.

Instant Cabin Tent – Conclusion

Coleman Instant Cabin is undeniably a great family camping tent.

It is made of high-quality materials and provides adequate protection from the weather.

For families and friends who like to go on camping for recreation and relaxation, this tent would be the ideal choice