Why Is Everyone Talking About Coleman Montana Tent?


The Coleman Montana 8-person Tent Reviewed

If you are going camping for the first time and you do not know which camping tent to get, you have to check out the Coleman Montana line. There are so many styles and sizes for you to choose from.

The Coleman brand is well-known for manufacturing great camping tools, including tents, at affordable prices. Thus, you will surely find a tent that fits your preferences and needs.

The Coleman Montana 4-Man and 6-Man Tents

Whether you want the 4-man or 6-man variety, you will get the same features.

Both styles of tents are built with a WeatherTec system and are a one-room cabin. They have a fly cover that extends to the front door as well as wings.

They also have a cool air port for adequate ventilation, reverse angle windows, electrical access ports, an interior gear pocket, and insta-clip attachments.

They also offer a one-year warranty.

The Coleman Montana 8-Man Tent

If you have a bigger family or are camping with more people, you can get the 8-man tent. This one has the same features as the 4-man and 6-man tents, except for the door design.

The 8-man tent has a hinged door instead of a zippered door. Hence, you can easily open and close it when you get in and out of the tent.

This tent can fit a couple of queen sized air mattresses and yet still be spacious enough for storing your bags. It is also fitted with a built-in gear pocket that lets users itemize and organize their belongings.

Moreover, it has a rainfly for outdoor living. Such rainfly extends towards the front porch as well as covers the wings. It gives you room for relaxation and shelter. It can fit three chairs under its awning by the front porch.

The Coleman Montana, an ideal family tent for your next camping holiday

The Coleman 8-person Montana tent, the ideal solution for your holiday camping needs

The Skye Elite Montana Tent

This tent comes in white and dark blue color with a red trim. It is the elite version of the 8-man tent. So, if you are looking for something that offers extra features, this tent is for you.

Aside from the features discussed above, it also comes with a replaceable battery operated light.

It also has roll down windows, making it quite luxurious.


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The Pros and Cons of the Coleman Montana

Every style of the Coleman Montana line is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and practical. Nonetheless, they also have certain flaws that you may not appreciate.


  • These tents are affordable
    So you can ensure that you will not go beyond your budget. The Coleman brand has been around for a long time, making it a brand that you can trust. Getting one of its tents is a good decision. You can enjoy amazing features without having to spend too much.
  • These tents are also spacious
    Regardless of how many people you are camping with, each and every one of you will surely have enough room to move around. You can twist and turn, and even stretch out your arms. You will be able to sleep comfortably, without feeling like you have to restrict your movements.
  • The tents come with multiple electrical ports
    These are great for powering electronic devices. In fact, this is one of the best advantages of these tents. When you go camping out in the wild, you do not necessarily have to sacrifice comfort and convenience. You can be one with nature and maintain a modern lifestyle at the same time.
  • All of the Coleman Montana tents feature a rugged floor.
    Hence, you can move around with ease and speed, without worrying that you will slip. These waterproof floors are also made with welding-inspired technology, which strengthens them and gets rid of needle holes.


While the Coleman Montana tents are spacious, they are not tall enough. In fact, the height and width ratio of the tents are not practical.

  • The 4-man tent has a center height of 59 inches and a foot print of 9 feet by 7 inches.
  • The 6-man tent has a center height of 68 inches and a foot print of 12 feet by 7 inches.
  • The 8-man tent has a center height of 74 inches and a foot print of 16 feet by 7 inches.

As you can see, the smaller the size of the tent, the lower the height. It is as if the makers think that the fewer people there are, the shorter their height as well.

Moreover, some users have complained that the tents do not have any real vestibule. They were also found to sag when used at the beach.


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Coleman Montana 8-person tent with rainfly

Plenty of room for the family in this 8-person Coleman tent

The Coleman Montana range is available in 3 colors

More important information on the Coleman Montana Tent

The tents have protected inverted seams that improve weather resistance. They hide the needle holes within them.

They have an excellent design, which makes them highly efficient. They are built with wind-strong frames as well as guy-out triangles and redesigned poles.

If you do not like zipping up tent doors, the 8-man and Skye elite tents are your best options. As mentioned earlier, they come with a hinged door. So, you can just sway it open whenever you need to go in as well as close it to keep you safe and secure.

Then again, the zipper cuff is made of weather-resistant fabric. So, they can still protect you from external elements.

According to reviews, there were users who found the Coleman Montana tents easy to set up and there are others that had a bit of a hard time doing this. There were also users who applauded the tents for keeping them dry in the harshest of weather conditions. However, there were also users who complained that water leaked from the corners of the tents.


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Who should get the Coleman Montana tent?

So, which tent should you get? Well, it depends on your personal style and needs. If you have a small family or you are camping with only a handful of people, you can get by with the 4-man or 6-man tent. You can get the 8-man tent if you really want more room for you and your things.

Nevertheless, the Coleman Montana tents are all held up by shock corded fiberglass poles and are made up of sturdy taffeta fly, polyester mesh, and polyethylene floor. They are made with fire retardant materials to make sure that users remain safe in the event of a fire-related accident. They also feature electrical access ports so that users can run their electric cords from inside their tents to outdoor power supplies.

All of these tents are heavy duty and can be set up in fifteen to twenty minutes. Thanks to their color coded pole sleeves and pin and ring designs, you will not be confused with the parts. They also feature a screen liner to keep you warm during cold days or nights. What’s more, they have separate sacks for storing equipment.

They are durable and easy to transport, which is why they are ideal for distant camp sites and prolonged trips.

They are also very easy to clean. You just have to wipe off the dust and dirt using a damp cloth.

The Coleman Montana tent is ideal for family camping

This tent is ideal for family camping trips


Overall, the Coleman Montana tents are worth your money.

They are reasonably priced, spacious, sturdy, and come with practical features.

They are perfect for groups of friends as well as families on vacation.