5 Things You Need To Know About The Coleman Tenaya Family Tent.


Upgrade Your Camping Experience: Coleman Tenaya 6 & 8 Person Tent

When you go for your family camping vacation, you need a good shelter or mobile home — after all, it’s going to be your home away from home.

Before you head to the great outdoors, read this review about the Coleman Tenaya 8 Person Tent and see how you can make your next outdoor adventure more memorable.

The 8-person Tenaya tent comes with a built in closet

Camping with your Coleman Tenaya 8-person tent, enjoy your next vacation with this tent

The Coleman Tenaya 8-person tent is ideal for your family camping vacation

Features of the Tenaya 8-person tent

Dwell in a Sizeable, Comfortable Space

As its name suggests, the cabin-style tent can fit up to 8 persons. It is spacious with dimensions of 14’ x 8’ x 6’4” and also has additional headroom for free standing inside.

There is a detachable divider to allow privacy and exclusivity for two rooms. You can fit two queen-sized air mattresses inside the tent and still have enough room for people and camping gear.

If you are bringing kids, you can fit one queen-sized air mattress and two kid-sized mattresses. Space will never be an issue with this cabin tent. You can even bring a small dog kennel.


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Quality Door and Windows

The Coleman Tenaya 8 person tent comes with a hinged door so you won’t have trouble going in and out. It is D-shaped and has zippered sleeves. You can use Velcro tabs to keep the door closed during the day and use the zipper that is stretched all around the door to keep the door closed more securely at night.

With straight, tall walls and an all-mesh ceiling, it is perfect for staying in when the weather outside is not too friendly. You can enjoy looking outside through the five large windows.

The windows of this cabin tent also keep you dry when it rains and allows privacy. It is good to note, though, that the windows of this tent do not zip up all the way to the top. This is good for ventilation because it lets air stream through the tent.

Inside, there are Illumiline reflective lines that will help you navigate at night so you won’t trip by mistake. The Tenaya is also furnished with an E-port that will allow you to have power inside your tent.

Stay Organized

There is a built-in closet that comes with a hanger bar and shelves. It is located opposite the entrance door. It has an area of 4 feet and has its own poles to support it. The closet is connected to the tent permanently and cannot be removed.

You don’t have to keep all your clothes and gear inside your backpack the whole time you are camping. This means you don’t have to dig through your bags when you need something — no rush and absolutely no mess.

Since the organizer/closet is located outside the cabin, you can utilize this space for your portable toilet, if you are bringing one. You can just put your clothes and gear inside the cabin using a portable bar or shelf-structure.

Made from Durable Material

Typical of Coleman tents, this one is made from heavy-duty 150D polyester tent fabric — that is double the thickness of what is used in regular tent materials. The floor is made from polyethylene fly fabric.

Sturdy Structure and Fast Pitch

The hub and steel poles of the Tenaya are color-coded and pre-attached to the tent case so you won’t have a difficult time setting it up or taking it down. With the snag-free suspension and fast-fit feet, you can assemble the tent about 50% faster compared to others.

The poles are shock-coded and permanently attached to the central hub — this means you will readily know which goes where, you don’t have to guess, and you won’t lose anything. It won’t be an instant setup but it is still easy and fast.

The tent weighs 35.29 lbs. but is easy to wheel in and out of the camping site as it comes with a heavy-duty wheeled carry bag for both storage and transport.

Built in storage for your camping vacation with the Tenaya 8-person tent by Coleman

Built in storage for your gear in the 8-person Tenaya tent

Stay Dry and Safe

The tent is equipped with Coleman’s patented Weathertec™ system. The seams are securely taped and leak-free. The campers are protected during wet weather, even storms. Because the floors are welded and the seams are inverted, you are sure to stay dry inside.

Even when there is light rain, you don’t have to put the windows up. The rain fly hangs over at just adequate space so that rain won’t drip in. The sides of the tent are also slightly angled to avoid leaks.

Even in slightly strong winds, the tent will hold up as the rain fly is attached by Velcro wraps around the poles of the roof and the wall as well as with plastic hooks that fasten to the metal rings on the poles. If needed, the guy lines can also be staked down for added security.


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To sum it up, here are some good points why the Coleman Tenaya 8 Person Tent is the ideal choice for your next outdoor adventure:

  • It is a big-sized cabin-style tent that is perfect for families or groups of friends.
  • You can set it up in about 10 minutes or less!
    Even if you arrive late at the campgrounds or you are too tired from the hike, you won’t have to be bothered to exert too much time and effort. You can also pack up in an instant.
  • Plenty or storage
    The tent is more usable because of the closet and shelves. You won’t have clothes and camping gear scattered all over the tent.
  • You stay dry inside, even in the midst of strong rains.
    Even when you check the weather and prepare everything, you may still find yourself in the middle of a storm because of abrupt weather changes. You need a tent that you know will keep you dry and this tent can do that!
  • It is highly durable and can last many years.


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Enjoy your next family camping vacation with the Coleman Tenaya tent
The Tenaya family tent has plenty of room to store your camping gear


Even if it says the Coleman Tenaya 8 person tent can fit 8 people, it actually means 8 people in sleeping bags. If you want to bring mattresses, it is perfect for families or groups of four so that there will be enough living space for everyone.

While the tent is relatively easy to set up, there are still other campers who say that it is not as easy as it sounds the first time they tried to do so. But the good news is that with subsequent tries, setting up became faster.

Here are two tips for first-timers.

  • One, you need to start with the center poles and stake it down.
  • Two, it is best to remove the stake for a corner that you are doing so you have room for flexibility. Doing these will make setting up the tent easy.

The windows are good for privacy and keeping the campers dry but it does not mean that it is always cool inside the tent. Don’t expect too much — there is good airflow but no air-conditioning. When you stay out on a hot day, it can be warm in the tent. The good news is that it cools down at night even in warm weather.

The pre-attached tent poles fit very well but can be stretched, depending on how you set them up and result in minor seam expansions. It is advisable not to rush setting up to avoid such risks.


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Coleman Tenaya 8-person tent Conclusion

When it comes to camping tents, convenience is king. The Coleman Tenaya 8 Person Tent is the best choice in terms of size, space, setup, and security. It is a great tent for family getaways, summer camping and spending holidays with friends in the great outdoors.

If you are looking for one that is worth your money, then this amazing cabin-style tent is the one for you! With its durability, it will stay with you for a long, long time.

As said in the beginning, a good camping tent is your home away from home. You can upgrade your next outdoor adventure with the Coleman Tenaya 8 Person Tent.


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