Pick of the Bunch: The CORE 9 Person Tent

More and more people are enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you are camping in the mountains or in the safety of your own backyard, your outdoor gear should never hold you back—especially your camping tent.

There are many things to consider when choosing the perfect tent for your next outdoor adventure.

You need to consider the following:

  • Size,
  • Functionality,
  • Peak height,
  • Structure,
  • Ventilation,
  • Strength, and
  • Ease of set-up, to name a few.

On the whole, you need a tent that will give you the best value for your money.

The CORE 9-Person Tent, great value family tent

People who go car camping don’t have to worry about gear weight as compared to those who camp in the mountains. When it comes to meeting outdoor car camping needs, the CORE 9 Person Tent is the ideal choice. A tent that offers sufficient space plus extra features is what you need. After all, the tent will be your home away from home.

CORE has provided campers with remarkable outdoor tents over the years and the CORE 9 is one of its best tents.

Here are the best features of this all-in-one recreational tent:

Features of the CORE 9-person tent


Do you have a big family or a large group of friends that will go on an outdoor adventure? Are you bringing a lot of gear? Do you plan on taking your pets with you?

With its 14’ x 9’ floor area, the CORE 9 Person Tent can fit up to 9 adult sleeping bags or two queen-sized air mattresses! You may not have so many people going with you but the tent allows extra space for camping gear or pets.

It is always good advice to upsize the capacity of your tent by one more person especially if your companions are claustrophobic, rather large, or need typical elbow space when sleeping.

The CORE 9-person family tent is packed with features to make your camping vacation more enjoyable


In most cases, a larger tent requires more time and you need to set up. Not with the CORE 9 Person Tent! This freestanding, cabin-shaped shelter can be set-up in as fast as 60 seconds!

It comes with contracting steel poles that are pre-attached to the assembly. You can prop the tent up easily—you only need to unpack, spread out and extend! No need for tools and additional parts.

The dimensions of the tent are 78”x 168” x 108” and it weighs only 29 lbs. It stands at 78 inches at the center, you can go around the tent without hunching. The CORE 9 includes a removable room divider that you can set up for privacy or removed for a more open living space.

This recreational tent is designed with a mesh roof, offering you opportunities for stargazing. On clear and warm nights, you can safely sleep under the stars.


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The Core 9 Person Tent has big double entrance doors that come with zippered privacy panels providing convenient access. Not only people, but air beds, gears and luggage can go in and out of the tent easily. No crawling in!


Since the interior space of the tent is enormous, you can put all your things inside. The tent also comes with storage pockets on a sizeable wall organizer so that all your items and gears don’t have to sit on the tent floor and can be close at hand. What’s best, the wall organizer comes with your purchase!

H20 Block Technology

Normal tent seams let water in. The CORE 9 Person Tent boasts of the CORE H20 Block Technology. The tent is made of durable polyester and water-repellent fabrics that are combined with CORE’s active bead technology. This means the seams are sealed and rain-resistant. With the CORE H20 Block Technology, you don’t have to worry about water running off into the tent, even if there is a heavy and long downpour.

Rain Fly

With the enormous mesh ceiling and window panels, you can enjoy the beautiful sky from inside your tent. When it rains or becomes too windy, you can simply put on the rainfly and secure it to the tent fabric. The seams of the rainfly to the tent floor are heat-sealed so you can rest assured that water from the rain will stay outside.

In addition, the rainfly can be removed when the weather is warmer. This way, the large mesh windows and ceiling allows great airflow throughout the tent, so it won’t feel toasty inside.

The family tent from CORE is easy to set up for your family camping vacation

Advanced Ventilation

Some tents have big doors and windows. But these can’t always provide ample breeze. CORE tents have advanced ventilation systems that are unique to them. You can utilize the modifiable air intake vent to pull in cool air from the ground. At the same time, hot air escapes through the mesh ceiling. This will give you a comfortable environment inside the tent.


The CORE 9 Person Tent can withstand not just rains, but also heavy winds. The tent fabric is made of hard-wearing polyester and the seams are heat-sealed. You are kept safe, day or night.

Additional features include an electrical cord access port. If you will not use the access port, you can fully close it for safety, especially if you have children camping with you.


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To sum it up, here are the benefits of purchasing the CORE 9 Person Tent:

  • Setting up the Core 9 is absolutely stress-free! It only takes a minute!

  • The space is enormous.

  • Because of the CORE H20 Block Technology, you don’t have to worry about rain and gusty winds.

  • The advanced ground vents are adjustable so you can have a comfortable temperature inside the tent.

  • You have the option to set up the room divider for privacy.

  • You can have everything inside the tent in order using the huge wall organizer.
  • Probably the greatest perks of the CORE 9 Person Tent are the large tent doors that provide convenient access for people, beds, gears and luggage. You can even keep the tent doors open to allow greater air flow on hot days.


Despite its many amazing features, there are still some minor complaints about the CORE 9 Person Tent.

  • Opening and closing the zipper on the main door requires the use of two hands.
    Moreover, there have been incidences of the zipper getting stuck on the tent fabric.
  • Another disadvantage is the lack of ties to hold window panels efficiently.
    During cold weather, the atmosphere inside the tent can be drafty. This is due to the advanced ventilation system.


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What do you get when you purchase a CORE 9 Person Tent?

The basic necessities and more! In your package is the tent, rain fly, poles, wall organizer, and a carry bag. The best place to get this amazing recreational camping tent is at Amazonfor the best price, warranty and their 30-day return policy.

The CORE 9 is the ideal choice for camping in public, in the wilderness or in your backyard. You can also use this for minor winter conditions like heavy rainfalls, high winds and slightly rough weather. It is the best recreational camping tent for summer camping and family events.

There has been a lot of reviews and feedback from customers but you will only find a few that are negative.

The pros dwarf the small undesirable concerns by a long shot. It is sturdy, can withstand rain and strong winds—you can be sure that it will keep you and your family safe when you are outdoors, when it counts the most.

You can make the best memories of your outdoor adventures with the CORE 9 Person Tent.

Overall, this all-in-one tent offers big bang for your every buck.


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