Family Camping Tent Reviews

As trips with a family camping tent are often made while traveling by car or 4WD, size and weight are far less important considerations when choosing one. Spaciousness, however can become a serious problem if you haven’t taken this into account and purchased a tent too small for your group.

When choosing a tent, the number of occupants recommended by the manufacturer will often be accurate but sometimes it might be worth upping a size if you plan on keeping your supplies indoors or have taller people traveling with you as they will take up more floor space naturally.

Family camping tents are often quite durable and provide a good amount of protection from the elements, it is important to take into account what sort of conditions you expect to be camping in however as choosing the wrong model now can lead to disaster later on.

Outdoor camping can be as enjoyable as any sport or hobby as long as you have the right expectations and, of course, the right gear.

The main piece of equipment you should have is a tent that will store your bags, food, and clothing while giving you a roof over your head at night.

In this review, we talk about five different multi-person camping tents that will help you and your family enjoy the outdoors more.

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Available in grey/taupe and blue color versions, the Wenzel Klondike tent can accommodate up to eight (8) persons without bags and other gear.

The occupancy capacity level can greatly decrease if you put in your gear and other supplies inside. Ideally, the rule of thumb followed by experienced campers when choosing tent size/capacity is that an 8 person tent can house 4 adults with their gear or 4 adults plus 2 children with minimal gear and bags, and/or 6 to 8 children or pre-teens.

If you want ample space to move around, dress, and even play card games inside the tent, the Wenzel Klondike tent may best suit you.

The Wenzel Klondike tent has two doors and features a screened area that can act as vestibule for bags or as a second room.

This tent has a dome type design that means it has a center where all supporting rods meet and create a dome-like ceiling. Its footprint measures 16 feet by 6.5 feet by 11 feet.

One of the features of the Wenzel Klondike tent is its mesh roof. This is an advantage for those who want to look out at the sky at night and stargaze.

However, this feature can be a downside during colder nights since it allows cold air in. This makes the Wenzel Klondike tent a great tent for drier summer months while you may need to put up additional insulating materials inside the tent if you use it during colder months.

What We Liked About The Klondike 8-person Tent

  • Waterproof
  • Includes a Mesh Roof
  • Made with Sturdy Fiberglass Rods
  • Can Withstand Winds <5 mph
  • Huge Space

What We Didn’t Like

  • Mesh Roof Can Promote Heat Loss
  • Need to Secure Tent from Winds > 10 mph
  • Included Guylines Are Not Sturdy Enough

OuterEQ Instant Camping Tent

The OuterEQ Instant Camping Tent is a family camping tent that can ideally accommodate up to four (4) persons. It is ideal for small families (i.e. two adults plus one small child and/or pet).

Fitting in four full-sized adults inside the tent will be a squeeze and may be too crowded for your liking, especially during warm summer nights.

The tent can accommodate kids when camping. You can room up to four kids inside while you and your spouse may share another tent.

The OuterEQ Camping Tent features one door and one ventilation window. It also has a vestibule feature where you can store other gear and bags.

Another advantage associated with the OuterEQ Tent is its easy setup function. The tent can be setup in just a few minutes. This is something you can enjoy after a long day out in the wilderness, and you want to settle down inside your tent fast.

Other users, however, may find taking down the tent an issue since the instruction manual is in Chinese.

Nevertheless, the OuterEQ Camping Tent is a good beginner test for those who want to take their families on a camping.

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent

Coleman’s Montana Tent is another large camping tent that can ideally accommodate up to 8 persons (without gear) or up to 4-5 persons (with gear).

The Coleman Montana has a modified dome structure that means the tent’s central area has a high ceiling supported by fiberglass poles.

It is available in black, green, and blue colors. Its footprint measures 16 by 7 feet and has a 74 inch height. It is roomy enough that you can fit in both a king-sized and a queen-sized mattress. Setup is also easy, especially if you have had experience in pitching tents before. If not, the tent’s instruction manual is there to guide you and your family for the setup.

An advantage with having the Coleman Montana tent is that it is reliably sturdy enough to withstand strong winds and rain.

Some users even report that their Montana tents have stood up against rainstorms without prior seam sealing and further waterproofing.

If there is a downside to this tent, it is probably its lack of adequate ventilation. The Coleman Montana tent may have two small side windows, but they are not often enough to let air circulate during humid nights and days.

On the other hand, the Coleman Montana tent may be highly suited for cold weather camping.

What We Liked About The Coleman Montana Tent

  • Waterproof

  • Includes an Electric Port Access

  • Windows Are Slightly Tilted to Keep Water Out

  • Includes Zipper Hinge Spring and Velcro Straps for Its Doors

  • Made with Strong Fiberglass Frames

What We Didn’t Like

  • Poor Ventilation

  • Susceptible to High Winds Due to Its Small Windows

  • Rainfly Pole Position Is Bothersome


Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent

The Coleman WeatherMaster Screened Tent is another family camping tent that can fit up to 6 adult persons (with minimal gear) or more if children will be using it (without gear and bags).

The Coleman WeatherMaster is a spacious tent that you may section off into two rooms. It boasts of a 17 feet by 9 feet footprint and is 6 feet 10 inches high. Yes, you can stand straight and walk around inside the tent.

In addition to the two built-in rooms, campers can add a third screened room. This third room is floorless and can serve as a sunroom and storage for shoes and other gear.

Another important Coleman feature is that its products are under a one year limited warranty for manufacturer issues. Customers appreciate the fact that the company still stays loyal to its customers by backing up a good customer support policy.

The Coleman WeatherMaster tent is definitely built for summer weather camping. It has many windows and a mesh ceiling. Ventilation is adequate. Be warned that this tent may be too cold for use during the colder months.

Another feature that campers (especially females) may like is the option to close off and create a separate room where you can change clothes and sleep in privacy.

What We Liked About The Coleman WeatherMaster

  • Made with Strong, wind-Resistant Frame

  • Includes a Mesh Roof for Stargazing

  • Good Ventilation

  • Includes an Electrical Access Port

  • Has Large Footprint

  • Waterproof

  • Includes Hinged Zipper Doors

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can Be Difficult to Setup Alone

  • Screen Room Door Does Not Zip at the Bottom

  • Can Be Heavy to Carry

  • Includes Plastic Stakes (So Buy Additional Metal Stakes, Just in Case)

  • Poor Insulation During Colder Nights

CORE 9 Person Cabin Tent

Core Equipment’s Instant Cabin Tent is a large camping tent that can fit up to nine (Yes, 9!) persons in.

It has a footprint of 14 feet by 9 feet and a central height of 78 inches. You can stand straight and walk around the tent without hunching over.

The Core 9 is spacious enough that you can setup two queen-sized mattresses inside it.

Large families opt for the Core 9 tent if they have many children who each have to bring their own sleeping bags, gears, and toys. Most parents would prefer this setup so that they could look after their children in one place.

Labeled as an ‘instant tent’, pitching the Core 9 tent is also very easy due to its pre-assembled frame.

When taking it out of its carry bag, all you have to do is unfold the tent fabric and extend the frames. With the help of your spouse and kids, setup completes in a minute or less. Take down is easy too.

What We Liked About The CORE 9-Person Tent

  • Waterproof

  • Adequate Ventilation

  • Easy Setup and Take-down

  • Spacious Footprint

  • Includes Privacy Panels for Windows and Doors

  • Includes Electrical Port Access Panel

What We Didn’t Like

  • Whole Tent Can Be Heavy When Carried Around

  • Poor Insulation During Colder Weather Due to Presence of Many Windows

  • Included Stakes May Be Flimsy (So It’s Better to Buy Sturdier Ones, Just in Case)


Often the most important thing one takes away during family camping trips is not the size and spaciousness of the tent that you sleep in. Instead, you would remember the moments you and your family have spent together whether inside the tent or not. Camping trips help foster good relationships between parents and children, among friends, and even among colleagues.

A tent can only help as much by keeping you all together under the same small confined space. Yet with a large camping tent (like the ones discussed in this list), you will have more opportunities to talk to each other and just enjoy each other’s company. We hope you keep that in mind when you are finally deciding which family camping tent will best suit you and your family’s needs.


I hope that you have found these reviews both helpful and informative, for more information on backpacking camping tents, read our other reviews here!