Featherstone Outdoor 2-Person UL Backpacking Tent

High-Quality Tent Review:

When buying a tent meant for backpacking, it’s important to check its weight. It needs to be light so you can move easily from place to place as you’re carrying it around.

Otherwise, it can stand in the way of your outdoor experience. Instead of worrying about the present moment, you may end up checking your tent too often

Featherstone Outdoor Ultra lightweight backpack 2 person tent

Alongside its weight, you should also make sure that its build and quality are up to par. You should get a backpacking tent that can meet your expectations.

Fortunately, Featherstone’s Outdoor 2-Person UL Backpacking Tent is a great fit. It has been a contender in many lists that rank the best backpacking tents for outdoor expeditions. Outdoor enthusiasts have given it their thumbs up.

This review has an in depth look at the features, benefits, and cons of this backpacking tent.

Features Of The Ultralight 2-Person Tent

The UL 2-Person Tent from Featherstone is a tent that you can assemble easily. Following is a listing of the main features of this tent that you will be interested in. Featherstone Outdoor have designed a great product that is suitable for those hikers after an ultra lightweight camping experience.

It has the following features:

  • Interior dimensions: 210 x 110 x 140 cm
  • Item weight: 3.8 lbs. (without footprint)

  • 2 doors

  • 2 vestibules
  • Oxford nylon with 3,000 mm hydrostatic coating
  • Inner body made with micro-mesh fabric

  • Innovative aluminum mid-pole structure; comes with a splint

  • Stuff sack (compression-folded)

  • Rainfly made of polyester fabric and 3,000 mm hydrostatic coating

  • Includes 4 ft. 6 in. x 6 ft. 9 in. footprint

Benefits Of The Featherstone Outdoors 2-person Tent

A major plus about this tent is that you can set it up easily.

In less than 10 minutes, you can assemble it and start hanging out inside. Just find a nice camping ground, then know where to stake and put up the poles. Remember not to force anything. Because while its poles fit together tightly, you may end up breaking them if you add unnecessary pressure.

Apart from easy setup, here are its other benefits:

  • 2-door system
    With 2 doors and vestibules, you may exit (or re-enter) the tent from inside with comfort and ease. These doors zip fully, easily, and silently.

    Having 2 doors is also beneficial for your camping buddy. Rather than disturb your camping buddy whenever you need to get out, you may simply use the other door. You may freely exit the tent to take bathroom breaks.

  • Solid floor materials
    Oxford nylon and a coat of hydrostatic resistance, its flooring make a nice bathtub-style ground. It’s smooth to step on and it is also waterproof. It matters because you want to be inside a tent that makes you feel as comfortable as ever.
  • Breathable + Sufficient Ventilation
    Because its inner body is made with micro-mesh fiber, this UL Tent is breathable and well-ventilated. Being inside is desirable due to the absence of any trapped moisture such as rain or perspiration. Even if you spend hours just sitting inside in a hot environment, this tent can help you stay fresh and comfortable.

    This micro-mesh fiber also plays a vital role in reducing condensation levels even if the doors are fully closed. Especially if you’ll be camping during rainy seasons, high condensation levels can be a problem.

  • Features aluminum mid-pole structure
    It offers a basic approach of support: an aluminum pole system. Aluminum poles are among the top options when it comes to poles. They have great strength, non-corrosive materials, and require low maintenance.

    This system makes the backpacking tent easy to transport. Its mid-pole structure can also benefit you by maximizing the room for your head and shoulders.

    And in case the poles break, this Featherstone tent comes with a splint that will serve as backup. It’s a metal tube that works as a repair sleeve.

  • Features high-quality rainfly
    Its rainfly is made of polyester fabric and a coating of hydrostatic resistance. This grants the peace of mind to you that you’ll be sheltered from too much heat or heavy rains. Rather than pack up to leave camp unexpectedly when water starts pouring down, you may simply hide inside your tent and let the time pass without having to worry about getting soaked.
  • Tough materials
    It can withstand heavy winds and 3 seasons – the summer, spring, and autumn seasons. Especially if you’re the adventure junkie who camps out in an environment with extreme conditions, it can provide you with reliable shelter.
  • Freestanding
    To be fully erected, it uses poles. Because it isn’t attached to anything, you may move it around easily without losing its structure. You may also shake it to remove debris and other unwanted elements inside easily. 

    You may put it up virtually anywhere. If you discover that you set up camp in a rocky area, you can easily move it to a different (but nearby) location.

  • Includes footprint
    It includes a useful accessory: a footprint. You can place it underneath your tent so you can enjoy a smooth floor. Especially if you’ll be setting up camp in a rocky environment, a footprint can help smooth the ground for you. It is less costly to replace than the tent itself.


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What We Didn’t Like

On the other hand, the Featherstone Outdoor UL 2-Person Backpacking Tent comes with a minor setback. Its inside area isn’t big enough for most people.

With a relatively small interior dimension of 31 square feet (approximately), it’s not very spacious inside. With other backpacking tents, it won’t be able to compete in this area.

As a 2-person tent, it can fit 2 people inside, indeed. But for these people, moving comfortably can be a problem. Inside, their positions and movements are practically limited to sitting and lying down. They won’t be able to freely stretch their arms or stand without the risk of accidentally knocking down the structure.

If you and your camping buddy are tall people, this may not be the best tent for you. Unless both of you will just be sitting down, you won’t be able to attend to tasks inside.

A single person with camping gear may be a better arrangement for this tent. Together with his gear, he’ll be safe and secure inside. He may still not get to stand, but if he’s careful, he can move around freely.

Featherstone Outdoor Ultra lightweight backpack 2 person tent

Customer Reviews

Most users of this Featherstone Backpacking Tent would recommend it for a backpacking trip. While it’s not as famous as the other tents in the community of backpackers, it lives up to what a backpacking tent should be.

According to the satisfied customers, the tent hadn’t given them a reason to complain. From top to bottom, it comes with quality.

It’s stitched perfectly on all its areas and you wouldn’t find any loose ends. Even the flooring is sealed and taped well. Someone even mentioned that he was able to set it up within 5 minutes.

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Where light backpacking tents are concerned, Featherstone’s Outdoor 2-Person UL Backpacking Tent doesn’t disappoint. It can help you create a memorable outdoor experience.

Sure, it could use some improvements. For example, it could be designed to feature an extensive interior. That way, the backpackers can freely spend time inside.