River Country Ultralight Backpacking 2-Person Tent Review

What’s In-Store for You with This Ultralight Backpacking Tent

Behind River Country Products are outdoor enthusiasts who love to hike, fish, camp, and go on all sorts of backpacking adventures.

They design products to meet – and exceed – the expectations of fellow outdoor enthusiasts, and make life easier while they’re out and about.

Ultralight 2 person backpacking tent by River Country

The Ultralight 2 person tent erected

One of their latest products is the Ultralight Backpacking 2-Person Tent. Because it has the “River Country Products” label, you may want to go ahead and buy it right then and there.

Then again, spending money on this tent without thinking things through is not exactly a good idea.

In this review, you’ll get a closer look at this tent. Here, you’ll find out whether this tent suits your backpacking needs and whether purchasing this tent is the right call.


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Features Of The Ultralight 2-person Tent

The Ultralight 2-Person Tent is designed to address the common concerns of backpackers. The goal River Country Products is to provide a classy lightweight tent to serve as a backpacker’s home outdoors during their hiking adventure.

Here are its features:

  • Length, Width, Height: 84″ x 62” x 42”

  • Item weight: 2 lbs. 12 oz.

  • Usable with any 42+” stick as poles

  • Includes 8 (ultralight red aluminum) metal stakes
  • 2-layer door with inside mesh layer

  • Window on one end

  • Outer flaps with zippers

Benefits Of the Ultralight Backpacking Tent

River Country Products’ Ultralight Tent is a top contender in quality tents because it comes with benefits. And it is these benefits that make a worthwhile camping experience.

  • Easy-to-setup and simple to take down
    Whether you seldom camp or you camp almost every day, you can set it up in just a few minutes. And you can take it down just as easily and just as fast.
  • Spacious
    At 7’ long, 62” wide, and 42” high, it provides enough room for 2 persons to move around inside comfortably. It works as a gear tent for solo backpacking adventures, too.It’s more spacious than an average pup tent. Inside, you can sit and even change outfits comfortably.
  • Ultralightweight
    As its name suggests, it’s ultralightweight. It weighs just 2 lbs. 12 oz, which makes it incredibly lightweight and easy-to-carry. In fact, most hammocks and rainfly combos weigh more.With it inside your pack, you may cover more ground more quickly. Especially if you often move around from one camp to another, it’s practical to have around.
  • Waterproof
    It can shelter you well in case of unexpected conditions. Its quality fabric and nylon stitching make this possible. Due to the construction, water won’t be able to enter inside – both from the top and from the ground.Rains and floods may not affect your camping trip and you can easily rest inside it as you wait for the conditions to improve.
  • Works with virtually every type of pole
    You need to erect it with trekking poles – almost any type of trekking poles will do so long as they are more than 42” high. You may buy good-quality trekking poles easily and then use them to build this tent and get it to stabilize.And if you forget to bring trekking poles, you can still put it up. In lieu of commercial poles, a set of sticks will do. Just find some that are tall and thick.
  • Compact
    It’s similar to a junior football when folded. You may easily load it in your pack – whether it’s small, medium, or big. With it, you don’t need to worry about not having room for other camping gear and personal items inside your pack.
  • Comes with corner loops
    Because it comes with loops at each peak, you may hang lamps, flashlights, and other ornaments inside. You may also hang personal items such as towels, clothes, and pouches.And because these loops feature grommets, you may also use them to attach guy ropes. These ropes can help secure and stabilize your tent.
  • Added ventilation, no bugs, and decreased condensation
    It features a 2-layer door, which has a zipper and mesh layer. You may easily close and open the zippers, for which you have 3 options:
    Open to let the outdoor air in and add ventilation
    Close to prevent bugs, mosquitoes, and other critters from entering
    Open to release the air inside and help decrease condensation levels
  • Fine mosquito netting
    Because you’ll be sleeping outdoors, mosquitoes and other critters may come to you and bite you in your sleep. But with the River Country Tent’s fine mosquito netting, these critters won’t get a chance to enter your tent.
  • Sidelines are fastened tightly
    Its sidelines are fastened tightly. Apart from having secure sidelines, the tight stitching also helps reduce the stress on its fabric.

What We Didn’t Like

And like almost all tents, River Country Products’ 2-Person Tent comes with a couple of issues that some customers are not happy with.
For one, it can be a bit expensive. Compared to other 2-person tents, it’s costlier. If you’re a first-time backpacker, you may feel discouraged from buying it and would prefer to explore other options after seeing its cost.

On the flip side, it’s made by River Country Products. This assures you that, despite its price, it’s a great investment because it is made with the finest materials.

Another concern is that it comes with relatively heavy stakes – particularly, 8 stakes that are all made of steel. The material is heavy-duty and weighs 1 oz. each. But while this can be a pro, steel stakes tend to add load to your pack. Their weight goes against the goal of traveling lightly.

Fortunately, these stakes are replaceable. You may buy aluminum stakes that typically weigh 0.5 oz. each – half of the steel stakes’ weight — to lighten your load.

Ultralight 2 person backpacking tent by River Country

The Ultralight 2 person tent erected

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Customer Feedback About The Ultralight Tent

The majority of customers who bought the River Country Products 2-Peron Tent is satisfied with the product. It comes with every essential feature they want in a tent.

Some of those who commend the tent’s quality are boy scouts and veteran backpackers. They like how they can pack it up easily and get on the road fast for a spontaneous camping trip.

According to them, its high price may be unattractive. But it’s very reasonable. Other than having useful features, it’s very durable. With proper usage, right care, and minimal exposure to rough conditions, it can last for years.

For these customers, it’s much better to invest in this tent than settle for less costly ones. With it, you wouldn’t need to keep buying a new tent every time you go camping. But you wouldn’t be able to say the same for the less costly tents. After all, they tend to get damaged after just a few camping trips.


This tent is by far one of the best choices in a backpacker’s equipment. And the fact that it’s ultralightweight is another reason why it’s a winning product. It’s practical and convenient to have around.

You can say plenty of good things about this backpacking tent, as well as all River Country Products, in general. So far, lots of people who have purchased this tent recommend it to others. With all its features, it can make way for you to have a hassle-free outdoor experience.