Why Is The Wenzel Klondike Tent Proving So Popular?


Wenzel Klondike 8-Person Tent Review

Camping is a great way to explore nature. It lets you appreciate the natural beauty of the world, breathe fresh air, listen to the birds, and get off the grid for a while. If you live in the city and are tired with the hustle and bustle, you should consider going away for the weekend. You can invite your friends or spend time with your family.

Unless you have zero knowledge about camping, you surely know the importance of shelter, convenience, and comfort. After all, nobody wants to be in the middle of nowhere and get pestered by bugs, insects, and other pests. Nobody also wants to get wet if it rains all of a sudden.

You need a camping tent that will provide you with security, comfort, protection, and convenience. You need something that can accommodate a large group of people without feeling cramped.

With the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike, you can get all of these benefits plus more! This tent can make your camping trip a truly incredible experience.

The ideal family tent for your camping vacation with the Wenzel Klondike 8-person tent


The Wenzel Klondike 8-Person Tent meets all your family camping needs

Specifications and Features of the Klondike 8-person tent

Staying out in the wilderness can still be comfortable with this tent. It will keep you safe from the outdoor elements as well as give you convenience. It has a cool exterior and a spacious interior. It also includes a lot of other great features.

This tent is 16 feet by 11 feet. So, you get to fit in a mattress, sleeping bags, luggage, foldable chairs, and other things you need.

It can actually fit in five sleeping bags or one queen size bed. It also has 6.5 feet of head space, so you can stand and move around with ease. Even the taller members of your family will have no problem walking from one side of the tent to the other.

It has an attached screen room that offers great ventilation. The mesh allows for fresh air to come inside while still keeping insects out. Moreover, it allows for ground ventilation, so you can be protected against indoor condensation. It is ideal as an additional space for sleeping. It can fit in three sleeping bags or one queen size bed.

You can also use this extra room as a playing area for your children or for recreational activities. It can also serve as a sun room or a camping porch.

This 8-person tent is easy to setup for your camping holiday

Plenty of room in the Klondike family tent

The Wenzel 8 Person Klondike features an external door with a T shape.

This door has a zipper panel that also functions as the entrance for the screen room and the interior of the tent. This door fabric is attached and features flaps that are tucked inside the bottom pockets.

When it rains outside or when you want to sleep, you can simply zip up the door. If you want to enjoy your surroundings, you can keep the door open.

This tent is made with a Weather Armor type polyester fabric that is treated with waterproof polyurethane coating. Thus, you can be safe and dry in the event of a storm.

The webbing, threads, and zippers are also treated with water repellent to make sure that everyone inside stays dry. The seams are actually double stitched to prevent leaks.

The floor of the tent is made with standard quality polyethylene fabric with welding technology. Hence, you can ensure that the floor is properly sealed and can prevent leaks as well.

In addition, this tent has double staked power corners that provide stability. You can be confident that it will remain standing in spite of moderate winds and rainstorms. It has heavy duty stakes that secure it on the ground as well as a dome shape with aerodynamic features.

What makes the Klondike tent standout from the crowd?

The Wenzel 8 Person Klondike has plenty of great benefits. Then again, it is also not perfect. Hence, you may find certain things that you do not like very much. Nevertheless, it is still a great find.


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  • The installation of this tent is easy
    Even though it seems quite complicated to set up. Yes, it is true that it is not one of those pop up or instant tents that you see others use. However, it only takes about twenty minutes to set up this tent. It also comes with an instructional manual that is detailed and easy to follow.
  • The entire tent is adequately ventilated.
    The roof is made with mesh fabric, which allows for good air circulation inside. On a clear night, you can remove the rainfly to see the moon and the stars in the sky.
  • Light and Airy
    Likewise, the main room has two large square-shaped windows with zipper panels and mesh fabrics. They are protected by flaps. So, you can rest assured that water will not leak inside in case it rains. The window covers have handy storage pockets that you can use too. The backdoor is also ventilated. When the flap at the tent’s posterior side is staked out, air is able to cross-circulate inside.
  • Extra screen room
    The addition of the screen room is very useful. Aside from using it to sleep, play, or hang out, you can also use it to store your belongings. Such separation makes the main room cleaner and more organized.
  • Lightweight
    Furthermore, the tent is relatively lightweight, only weighing a total of 27.3 pounds. This makes it easy to carry and transport.
  • Warranty
    It also comes with a ten-year warranty.


  • Not for heavy weather
    Unfortunately, the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike is not ideal to be used in extreme weather conditions.
    For best results, you should only use it during the summer, fall, or spring. Nonetheless, it can still keep you safe and dry during moderate winds and rainstorms.
  • Some users have also found the tent fabric to be wrinkled. While it is not a pretty sight, it is not really that much of a big deal. Do not worry. These wrinkles tend to naturally disappear once you set up the tent.
  • Not a true 8-person tent
    In addition, even though the manufacturers of the tent claims that it can fit eight people inside, it can only fit in about four to six people comfortably. Camping with seven other people in this tent will leave no more room for your personal belongings, furniture, and tools.
  • Limited colors
    Also, the tent only comes in blue and gray colors. While these colors may go well with nature, they are not really ideal for people who prefer something brighter and easier to spot during the dark.


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Attractive and versatile lightweight family camping tent
3 season family camping tent by Wenzel, popular for family camping vacations

Bottom Line – The Wenzel Klondike, suitable for family camping holdays

In conclusion, the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike has several pros and cons that many users agree to. Nevertheless, it is still better than other similar tents on the market. Thus, it is the perfect choice for camping with your friends and family.

It is especially great for families with young children, thanks to its additional screen room that can also serve as a playing area or recreational room. So, your children will not get bored. They can play as you prepare your meals or arrange your belongings.

This tent combines modern technology with standard materials. It offers livability, stability, and proper ventilation. It is great for novice and experienced campers alike. It is tall, spacious, sturdy, functional, and waterproof. Every thread, zipper, and webbing is treated with superior water repellency applications. So, whether it rains or shines, you and your family will stay safe, clean, and dry.


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